Hire Me To Plan Your Next Adventure

Need a travel planner?

One thing I love to do is help people travel affordably, and part of that process is finding the best ways to travel including accommodation, transportation, food, itineraries, etc.   Some people love the traveling but hate the planning!  If that sounds like you, then I’m your girl.

I’ve traveled all across 24 of the United States as well as Puerto Rico; the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic and Guadeloupe; Europe including France, Switzerland, and Iceland; and throughout British Columbia, Canada including Vancouver Island.  What that means is that not only do I love to travel, but I love to travel affordably, and I can help you do the same.

You might think, well, why would I pay someone to plan my trip for me?  Good question. The average person spends 3 days (I mean, 3 full days) just browsing travel sites, plane tickets, things to do, etc.  That’s just the pre-planning!  What if you had an experienced traveler and planner to do that for you and save you time?  Time is money, right?

IMG_0074I can research your intended destination, find the cheapest and most efficient ways for you to travel there including: lodging, transportation to and from your destination and while you’re there, food choices, things to do and see, and maps and alternate routes. I’ll also include travel tips and reminders, and if you’re doing a multi-destination trip, I can book and coordinate your travel from city to city as well!

I have years of experience in travel planning, exec. administrative support, business management, and even running my own business.  So if you’re looking to travel soon, whether that’s within the U.S. or internationally, and you would like someone to do the bulk of the planning for you, then please contact me.  I can send you an organized, easy-to-read travel book with everything you need electronically in a PDF.  It’s like having your very own personal assistant!

Interested?  Please contact me here.

I look forward to working with you and helping make your travels happen one step at a time!

Cheers ~ Sonya